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Seizing Opportunities in the Blockchain by Chimezie Chuta

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Genre: Internet Cryptocurrency

Description: Unless one has been living under a rock, or perhaps returning from a long space trip, chances are that you have heard about the Blockchain Technology or its first fruit Digital Currency known as Bitcoin. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are the hottest topics on most people’s lips these days. But whether or not the subject is fully understood, is altogether, a different kettle of fish. However, pockets of information is scattered all over the internet. Most of such materials are highly technical and far beyond the understanding of an average educated person, let alone that of unschooled persons. Yes, some level of education is relevant in other to understand technology, but if technology is not broken down to the level of understanding of the majority, massive adoption will remain elusive. So far, the only set of people who can truly understand the blockchain technology are techie people. The reason is not far-fetched: they have been familiar with its technology ancestors and forerunners hence they easily navigate the waters with classical sophistication. But what about the billions of people around the word that are not that fortunate to be listed among tech savvies? People that don’t understand “Hashes” “Protocols,” “algorithm” etc? This book is for you if you find yourself in that group. Explaining The Blockchain Technology and stripping it of its technicalities is like serving a dish to an ulcer patient. No spicing, all the bells and whistles are taken out. But it is still edible. This book promises to be a non-technical guide, albeit a very tasking undertaking

176 pages.


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