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On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church By Martin Luther

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Genre: Non Fiction

Description: Martin Luther goes through the seven sacraments of the medieval Catholic Church with his interpretation of the Bible. He teaches his opinions on the different pratices taken place within the Catholic Church and what they should or do represent. The book is seemingly set in an “angry tone” as this was the first time he accused the pope of being the Antichrist. Luther’s book was further published in German by his opponent Franciscan Thomas Murner, in hopes that he would make people aware of the foolishness of supporting Luther.

“Rise up then, you popish flatterers, one and all! Get busy and defend yourselves against the charges of impiety, tyranny, and lèse-majesté against the gospel, and of the crime of slandering your brethren. You decry as heretics those who refuse to contravene such plain and powerful words of Scripture in order to acknowledge the mere dreams of your brains! If any are to be called heretics and schismatics, it is not the Bohemians or the Greeks,47 for they take their stand upon the Gospels. It is you Romans who are the heretics and godless schismatics, for you presume upon your figments alone against the clear Scriptures of God. Wash yourself of that, men!”

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