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Noble Savage Cooking: Food and Manners for a Corrupt Civilization by David Bridges

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Genre: Cooking

Description: Judith Jones the editor of Julia Child, Jaques Pepin and James Beard said “I was laughing out loud. It has an original voice, a delight in words, an earthiness. It was in your face, but not unpleasantly. Dave’s an original. I would have gone to bat for him.” A great cookbook parallels a great meal, in that we continue to feed off them long after they have been digested. Noble Savage Cooking is not your typical modern cookbook. My book embodies the spirit of the “Noble Savage”– An educated man that lives by the laws of nature and is unencumbered by the prejudices of modern life. It is a throwback to teaching our fellow men and women respect for all through the use of cooking, etiquette and philosophy. This is a book for people who take great joy in all of the pleasures of the table and the lifestyle that accompanies those joys. Every great meal opens with a drink and a snack and my book is no different. Chapter One is titled Libations and Cracklins. The book then leads you through the various parts of the animal, that when cooked with proper care, make our lives seem that they are truly worth living. Asian watermelon salad with crispy pig ears, Black Chicken Rillette, Creole Hog Head Cheese, Bacon fat poached Lobster Tail and the greatest biscuits you’ve ever had with a few turkey “popes noses”. Anyone that gets this book will walk through the market with their he’d held high because they will know what it’s like to be better than everyone else

117 pages.


1 review for Noble Savage Cooking: Food and Manners for a Corrupt Civilization by David Bridges

  1. admin

    GREAT COOK BOOK with a sense of humor

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